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As a part of our organization, we will look at each company individually and see how to maximize their potential in the Cambodian and Korean Economy.

We will promote and help facilitate business exchanges of any kind within the boundaries of the law and our code of ethics. We will look to facilitate manufacturing and production opportunities as well.

Our services will include setting up and coordinating meetings, masterminds, seminars, all activities related to finding partners, negotiations, planning and the execution of all business activities related to the exchange and development of business opportunities between the two countries.

To ensure the success of all of our members we will have a maximum of 3 companies in our federation that deal with the exact same product or service.

The Federation will work to establish a trading and merchandise exhibition center in Phnom Penh. This exhibition center will serve as a headquarters for the 10 ASEAN countries to trade.

The organization will support all of our members equally.

Our organization will have 10-20 board members. Ideally, we will have an even split of board members from Cambodia and Korea.

Each member and board member will be required to pay an annual membership fee.

The Korean members of the federation will come to visit Cambodia. The federation will help with most of the activities related to the setting up and execution of the business in Cambodia.

Cambodian members of the association will have the opportunity to exchange business services and partner with other Cambodian and Korean Members. They will also periodically visit Korea in pursuit of business development opportunities there.

Some members who were supported by the federation will pay some portion of their profits to the federation. Each individual member could have a different contract than the other members. Every member’s contract depends on the role that the federation has in the member’s business development activities.

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